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The Limitations of Hair Extensions

The lifespan of your hair extensions will depend a lot on the aftercare. We do not guarantee the lifespan on any types of hair extensions due to them being a natural consumable product.
We do not recommend silver shampoos, and toners can damage the cuticle which will affect the lifespan of your hair extensions.
We do not recommend that you colour the hair extensions. Any colouring of hair extensions is done entirely at the customer’s own risk.
Light blonde coloured hair extensions will have a shorter life span due to the amount of processing they go through.
Lighter shades will also need more care and less heat application to increase the life of your extensions.
Excess washing and styling will damage the cuticle and decrease the lifespan of your hair extensions. Also shampoos and conditioners will damage any bonds or glue the hair might have - Especially Micro Ring, U-Tip and I-Tip hair extensions.

When using Tape In Hair :

Your hair must be washed before attempting to use these extensions.
Do Not Use Oil Based Products With These Extensions

Take care of your hair extensions as you would your own hair and remember that like your own hair, these extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat. Using heat on hair extensions will reduce their lifespan.

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